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The Waterfall Trail

The Waterfall Trail with its numerous vantage points and platforms was built in the year 1900 and, since that time, has brought nature lovers up close to the Krimml Waterfalls. The trail is well fortified and is constantly groomed and maintained.

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Reach the lowest waterfall on foot in 10-15 minutes. From there the serpentine Waterfall Trail leads up to the uppermost waterfall (approx. 1.15 hours on foot) and further to the Krimml Ache Valley. Observation platforms thereby provide spectacular views of the thunderous volumes of water of the Krimml Waterfalls. You will learn interesting facts at the Information Plaza. In addition, a large selection of literature, DVDs and much more is available at the OeAV Information Centre. The route all the way up to Kürsingerplatz is disabled accessible.


“The principle of all things is water,
as water is everything and to water everything returns”

(Thales von Milet, 624 - 546)

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The Waterfall Trail

The journey is the destination.

The Waterfall Trail brings guests from around the globe up close to the Krimml Waterfalls.

Length 4.15 km / difference in altitude: 431 m

  • Schettkanzel platform 1460 M
    Named after Albert Schett, Neukirchen am Grossvenediger,
    postmaster and construction manager of the Waterfall Trail, 1879.
  • Bergerblick platform 1390 M
    Friedrich Ernst Berger, longstanding 1st Chairman of the Warnsdorf Department.
  • Staubige Reib 1330 M
  • Schoenangerl Guesthouse 1306 M
  • Bergersteig 1245 M
    Friedrich Ernst Berger, 1st Chairman of the Warnsdorf Department from 1887 to 1943.
  • Jaga Sprung platform 1220 M
    “…two stone capitals face each other here, they are only separated by an abyss of a few fathoms, which is said to have once been only five feet. Centuries …have broadened and eaten away at this crevice. … Legend has it that a stag pursued by a hunter dared the dangerous leap across the abyss. Given the rigorous laws against poaching at the time this saved both his freedom and his life. I would rather name this gruesome abyss “Stag’s Leap”. Kürsinger, 1838) (Fathom [=approx. 1.90 m] = 6 feet)
  • Jung Kanzel platform 1210 M
    Ernst Jung, Kirchen an der Sieg, President of the German and Austrian Alpine Association. He, too, strongly advocated the financing of the Waterfall Trail in the association.
  • Sendtner Kanzel platform 1170 M
    Theodor Sendtner, Munich, President of the German and Austrian Alpine Association.  He carried through with the financing of the Waterfall Trail from 1879.
  • Regen Kanzel platform 1150 M
  • Riemann Kanzel platform 1110 M
    Rudolf Riemann, Chairman of the German and Austrian Alpine Association, the Pinzgau Department, and driving force in constructing the Waterfall Trail in 1879.
  • Kürsingerplatz 1070 M
    Named after Ignaz von Kürsinger, conservator of Mittersill.
    Built the first Waterfall Trail in 1835 – a series of steps on the left bank of the Ache up to the upper edge of the lowermost fall. Travellers could now see the Krimml Waterfalls without a great deal of effort.